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3 Steps to Talk About Faith

“How did you get so wise?” The question was being asked by Kelly, a friend and co-worker. We often lunched together and genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. We had different friend groups outside of work

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I love you. You’re wrong?

I clearly remember the rain fitting my mood one evening in southern California as my friend told me of his dreams.  He wanted what so many others wanted: a spouse, children, a home, a white picket

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The Anger in Forgiveness

“Why should I be sacrificed on the altar of his growth?!”  I remember the day I said these words out loud to God.  I was angry.  Angry and hurt.  I didn’t think I could get

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Nietzsche & Jesus

We were walking through the hall on our way to the elevators after a particularly intense class lecture on Nietzsche.  I was a grad student working through my doctoral course work and my companion was a

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