Center for Cultural Discipleship

Center for
Cultural Discipleship

Equipping Christians for such a Time as This


Welcome to the Center for Cultural Discipleship. Do you sometimes feel you must choose between being true to your Christian convictions or loving your neighbors, family, and friends? Do you long to walk faithfully with Jesus and share His love, only to find that culture now sees your faith and brand of love as hateful? There is good news. You can live with confident conviction and uncommon compassion, all while being invitational in an increasingly hostile world.

The Center for Cultural Discipleship equips Christians to live faithfully in their cultural moment and make disciples of Jesus. We train believers to engage hearts and minds for the Gospel. We focus not only on worldview formation, but on discipleship training as well. This integrative approach to discipleship considers both the ideas and personal challenges facing the Church and the world. We train the mind and the heart, the rational and the relational.

Although the Center for Cultural Discipleship is not the first organization to offer worldview training or training in relational discipleship, we are distinctive in our integration of these two necessary skills. With a focus on relational discipleship, apologetics, and worldview formation, we understand these not as separate entities, but as foundational tools that each informs the expression of the others.

We ground our training in the reality of the Biblical Story as understood through the centuries of classical Christianity. We desire our brothers and sisters to be invitational expressions of the Gospel, living with courage and faithfulness.

As we seek to make disciples in this culture, we must be able to engage both the bad ideas and the broken individuals who live in the debris field of ideological darkness. Join us as we seek to make disciples in our time.


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What is CCD’s primary activity? 

Who do we equip? 
Christians and Christian Organizations (Schools, Churches, Parent Groups, Non-Profits, and Christian Leaders) 

What do we equip Christians to do? 
Make disciples of Jesus by equipping in both Worldview Formation and Relational Discipleship 

What is the posture in which we do this? 
Confident Conviction with Uncommon Compassion 

What is the foundation of our training?
The grand story of classical Christianity as expressed in the Bible.

Why do we do this?
To advance the Kingdom of God in our time.


We stand on the revelation of God in the Holy Scriptures. The Bible defines the reality in which we live. Our teachings are based on traditional Biblical Christianity, which has been practiced for centuries all over the world. 

Christ-Like Character 
CCD is committed to serving with Christ-like character. This commitment grounds our dedication to integrity in our leadership, excellence in our labor, faithfulness in our stewardship, transparency in our organization, and discipline in our moral character. 

As God advances His Kingdom in our time, believers are commissioned to make disciples. The Gospel forms us, and we embrace the variety of ways in which God uses His people to accomplish His mission. CCD is dedicated to partnering with the Holy Spirit as He brings people to new life in Christ, sets them free from sin, and transforms them to express His goodness, truth, and beauty in the world. 

We are confidently convinced of the truth of Christianity such that we are courageous and unyielding amidst cultural pressures. We believe all Christians are called to count the cost of following Jesus and live with a tenacious bravery that trusts in God’s faithfulness, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

We follow Jesus’ example and allow ourselves to be moved to an uncommon compassion. Through wisdom and discernment, we seek the good of others through the redemptive work of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. We see a hurting and lost world falling prey to the lie of our enemy, the ancient enemy of God’s Kingdom.

CCD is grounded in the truth and grace of Christ, loving people with invitational humility. We reject expressions of Christianity that apply secular values of expressive individualism, celebrity, control, fame, and self-importance to Christian culture. We seek to model graciousness, curiosity, and crucifixion love in all we do.